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Viognier 2022 Virginia

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Award Winner
Size: 750 ml

2024, Virginia Governor's Cup, Bronze Medal

Upon the morning sunrise, I see a grand castle in the distance. It’s Dover Hall, the estate where I’m cultivated, and home to the most lavish celebrations. I’m harvested in late August by a hard working group, self-proclaimed as “The Dream Team”. After I’m snipped off the branch, I’m swept away in a Ford Ram to Common Wealth Crush Co., where our Winemaker and mastermind, Ben Jordan, works his magic to create this Governor’s Cup bronze medal wine. When I finally land in that sexy black bottle 8 months later, I have reached my full potential. On the nose, you’ll be transported to your childhood with the small of honeysuckle. On the palate, you’ll be tickled with green apples, apricots, and bursts of bright citrus. Pair me with Chicken Tagine, a traditional Moroccan dish.

Varietal: Viognier

Vintage: 2022

Wine Type: White

Appellation: Virginia