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Brut Rosé NV Moldova

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Size: 750 ml

This Brut Rosé, made with a blend of Feteasca Alba and Merlot grapes from Cricova, Moldova, is a delightful and refreshing wine. On the nose, it exhibits vibrant aromas of ripe strawberries, raspberries, and red cherries, with a hint of floral notes that add a touch of elegance. On the palate, this wine is dry and crisp, with lively acidity that perfectly balances the fruity flavors. The initial taste is dominated by juicy red fruits, followed by subtle notes of white pepper and a hint of minerality. The texture is smooth and silky, with a clean and refreshing finish that lingers on the tongue. Overall, this Brut Rosé is a well-crafted and perfectly balanced wine that showcases the best of Feteasca Alba and Merlot grapes. It's a great choice for a summer day, to accompany light salads, seafood, or simply as an aperitif.

Varietal: Feteasca Alba

Wine Type: Red

Appellation: Moldova