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Brut Reserve NV, Moldova

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Size: 750 ml

I was born in a luxurious labyrinth of tunnels located 200 feet below sea level, heiress to the famed royalty, King Feteasca Alba and Queen Muscat. In my early years, I lay peacefully with my 2 million sisters, being rotated by hand daily to keep sediment from clogging my head. One day, in his thick Romanian accent, our leader tasked me with guiding a troop nearly 5000 miles across the sea to a land ruled by 7 ladies that they claim is for wine lovers. I am immediately welcomed and seem to be invited to every occasion that warrants a celebration, which always commences by knocking my hat off with a large celebratory pop. I am loved for my bubbly personality, radiant golden complexion, and green apple hazelnut perfume. I AM the 7LV Brut Reserve.

Varietal: Feteasca Alba

Wine Type: Sparkling

Appellation: Moldova